1. This is a reasonable request


  2. This is a new building covered in plastic


  3. New Site

    I have a new site under construction to put some order around these images.

    DNS is currently propagating, so it’s no use even trying to look at the construction page.

    Once that site is up this blog will probably change a little, but I’m not sure how yet.

    I’ll keep you posted.



  4. nobestofs:

    Landscape #4 - Bolivia - Moon Landing


  5. nobestofs:

    Landscape #6 - Bolivia - Volcano


  6. nobestofs:

    Valle de la Muerte - San Pedro de Atacama


  7. nobestofs:

    This is Zenith Beach

    (Source: nobestofs)


  8. nobestofs:

    This is green and grey

    (Source: nobestofs)


  9. This is horse-like driftwood


  10. This is a tree


  11. This is a baby’s foot


  12. This is a vase and flowers and the floor


  13. This is a bunch of roses


  14. This is a vase and roses


  15. This is a broken tile